World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network. The participants of the platform include ordinary users, router owners and advertisers. The users enjoy free internet, router owners are paid by advertisers for the ads viewed by the users; advertisers receive an effective tool for targeting of advertising and analytics of advertising campaign effectiveness.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a type of crowdfunding to fund new projects by pre-selling digital tokens. With a token, its owner is entitled to receiving a profit under the stipulated conditions.
Yes, the incentive program has already started and will operate until the end of ICO. Telegram Channel: @wwfbounty
94 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427388 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427388
We use Telegram/ Bitcointalk /Wechat /Twitter /Facebook /Youtube /Instagram
In the course of the project, we have many proposals from potential investors not from the field of crypto, all participants of the investment will receive equal conditions.
Good question. First, attracting private investors can lead to the consequences of Krylov's fable "Swan, Cancer and the Pike." We are professionals in our business and we know how to make a successfull business. Secondly, attracting money through the ICO does not give investors a share in business, it is a financial instrument, after fulfilling obligations on which the business will remain in the hands of the team.
Singapore and the US (Delaware)
User identification is conducted in compliance with the relevant legislation
Our tokens will be available on exchanges upon the ICO completion.
Two operating businesses for selling Wi-Fi advertising and hotspots. The model is tested in b2b marketing and has been run for 2 years. The total number of connected access points is trending at 14,000 in 80 cities. Next March, a version based on blockchain will be launched.
No need to buy a new router for World Wi-Fi. Most residential routers are compatible with our software.
PRESALE is on from 28 November to 16 March. More info at
ICO Start/End Date: 18 MARCH / 18 APRIL
"Soft cap – 3,500,000 US dollars Hard cap – 25,000,000 US dollars"
The volume of token will be fixed 60,000,000 WeToken
The token sale will be based on the Etherium platform
By purchasing a token in the course of ICO, or in any other way you agree that you are not a citizen of Singapore,China, or any other country where tokens are equated to securities. Also, you must know whether you are violating the law of your country.
During PRESALE and ICO, 258,000,000 WT will be available for purchase.
We have made a consolidated summary of estimates for the project promotion. A 5% adjustment might be incorporated for pricing fluctuation which is an appropriate standard of practice.
At the current stage we have been negotiating with top leaders of the cryptocurrency community. 3% account for engaging top advisers. At an early stage of the campaign, not all advisors have entered into agreements which is par for the course.
How to buy
The cost is calculated automatically at the time of confirmation of the transaction by the network based on the average value of the price on the exchanges.
1 WeToken = 10 advertising impressions in World Wi-Fi = $0.1 - at ICO stage.
Detailed instructions are on the main page of the site, if necessary, support in the chat of telegrams can help you. The easiest way is to transfer the etherium to a smart contract from your personal wallet with the erc223 standard. The tokens return to your wallet automatically after confirmation of network.
For beginners in the field of crypto currencies, there is a detailed instruction on the initial page. If it is a large investment (from $ 50,000), the organizers are ready for a personal meeting.
If you pay from a personal wallet, with the erc223 standard, you can pay directly to the address of the smart contract (address on the main page), the tokens return in automatic mode. If the exchange is with a stock exchange, exchanger, etc., then it is necessary to use a personal cabinet, tokens will be credited in it.
The minimal possible purchase is 1 WeToken
The gas is a unit of measurement in which the prices for calculations on the Etherium are measured. The more complex calculation is, the more it is rewarded with gas. This works as follows: the originator of a smart contract sets the price in gases. Miners, on whose computers the calculations are performed, decide whether to perform these calculations or not. If the price is too high, the calculations, and the contract, will never be executed.
About Token
This is the most modern standard for a token based on the Etherium network. It will support the transparency of transactions with investors. Important: your etherium wallet must support this standard to obtain tokens.
Our tokens will be available on exchanges upon the ICO completion.
We are developing a transparent algorithm for open redemption. Previously, this will be the redemption of tokens from exchanges, and we also consider connecting the capabilities of our site for this purpose.
The vast majority of the system's tokens is kept in cold storage, and we ensure the strict safety procedures. Account access in secured with two-factor verification which prevents unauthorized access.
Your tokens will be securely stored in your wallet. We use the encryption with two factor authentification.
The subscription model is used in Radius, and World Wi-Fi is not based on a subscription model
The project initiators have invested personal funds. In addition, we have collected funds from private investors and foundations
World Wi-Fi is a technological platform to be developed though engaging new participants via marketing and PR campaigns in many regions (see details in Financial Model), as well as by engaging system administrators, router installation servicemen, etc. in our referral program. Besides, it is our intention to develop the business throughout public Wi-Fi networks around the world which is an already existing business model (our existing projects Adrenta and Radius Wi-Fi are based on that system).